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Welcome to AbStine's Dream Creations

What am I in the Eyes of a Child?

Be careful what you do, Be careful what you say,
there are curious eyes and ears are not that far away...

You might be a Mother, Father, Sister, or Friend,
or maybe you're just a neighbor who knows of them.

Kids pick up on all that you do, they're watching you

they can't help but learn by imitating you,

So try to show Love even when you might not feel like it,
it's at those times that someone's picking it up bit by bit.

Today more than ever, you need to stand stall,
show someone little that they're never too small.

Help them to see right from wrong, give them much Love,
you'll realize the world of good you've done in the end.

So even when you think you're not important to some,
Remember that there's a child who think you're more important than some.

~ By C. Harris (Angel AbStine)

©Heavens Angels 2003