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Welcome to OutReach Cloud's
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These first few sites are "For the Holidays"
Please take time to Click for a good cause!!

Excedrin - Click on Toys for Tots Logo


Free Donation

Quick Donations

We Did

Charity Focus

The Non-Profits

Star Giving


CARE 2 Make a difference

Harmony’s Home Page

Robirda's Donate-a-Click links page

Kens Projects links

In Need

End Homeless Now

Cause and Effect

Stop the Hunger

Support the Arts

House the Homeless

End Hunger

End Homelessness Now

Against Hunger

Stop the Hunger *different site

Poverty Fighters

The Hunger Site

The Humanitarian Site

The Nuturing Network

Support El Salvador

Chernobyl Victims - (*Russian)

Good Humans

Free Clicks for Charity

Aid for Teens

Give Meals

Solve Poverty


For the Children

Hungry Children

Feed a hungry Child

Promote Education

NSPCC - Cruelty to Children must STOP!

The Child Health Site


Breast Cancer Site

Cancer Charities


Defeat Cancer

Stop HIV Site

Cancer Charities

Climb to end Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer Charity

Click A Cure


Support the Big Cats

Animal Rescue Site

Race for the Primates


Care2's Race for the Rainforest

Tree for Life

The Rainforest Site

Protect Environment

Save Habitat

Race for the Oceans

Ecology Fund

Nature Conversacy

Take Action Center


Clear Land Mines

The Environment Site

Save rainforest in Costa Rica and Malaysia (*German)