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OutReach Cloud Angels have really been hard at
work this Holiday season, see what we've been up to!

Announcing in December 2002,
OutReach Cloud's NEW Click for a Cause
This hopefully will make it much easier for all
of Heavens Angels to help support the many causes
they believe in by helping to make "Free" Donations
Check it out here: OutReach Click for a Cause

Also new beginning in December 2002
OutReach Cause Awards
Starting in December all of HA will be able to nominate
a HA member site that has a great cause, which will be
voted on by all of Heavens Angels.
Check it out here: OutReach Cause Awards

*should be worthy content, not based on design etc…
Do they have a personal story, statistics, etc???
Go here to visit HA members sites to find!!
HA Member Sites

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