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Happy Holidays Heavens Angels!
Love, OutReach Cloud Angels

My New Year resolution is to take better care of myself.
I plan to lose a little weight and eat better than
I have been. This past year has taken its toll on
me after losing Shawn. I have battled depression
and I plan to get a better handle on that as well.

~ Love, Angel of Survival~

I intend to get much more involved with Animal Abuse.
I really don't think that a lot of people realize how
connected animal abuse is to human abuse. I have
tried to bring some of this awareness to people's
attention with my page Abuse and Survival in my
web site. There has been so much research done on
this connection which proves that the two are very
closely connected.

~ Love, Angel Norma ~

My new year resolution is to enjoy the life I have
while not griping about what I dont have.lol

~ Angel Mosie ~

I have three causes that I want to do more on;
they are Lupus, Scleroderma, and Premature Infants.

Why: Lupus
I have a niece and nephew who are sister and brother that
both have Lupus, but the areas that are affected are different.
They are also the children of my brother-in-law that died due
to ALS. I want to find out more about Lupus and if there is
any relationship between Lupus and ALS.

Why: Scleroderma
my mother-in-law has this disease and I want to do more research
on it to find out if there are any generic tendencies that our
children or grandchildren may have to have Scleroderma.

Why: Premature Infants
our grandson Austin was born 13 weeks premature, and our grandson
Garrett was 7 weeks premature. I want to make more people aware on
the causes and preventions of premature births, any long run problems
due to prematurity, and the care of the premature infant.

~ Mimi ~

My New year's resolution is to do better by myself
and take care of myself more. I just found out
that I have diabetes, I am 33 and I seen what it
did to my grandmother and I just don't want to
have to go through what she did. The only other
thing that I will try to get more involved in is
animal abuse. I don't believe in testing on animals
or killing of animals for luxury.

~ Tracy ~

My news years resolution is to support child abuse
as I have been doing. I feel this is one of the most
important causes to support as children should not
have to suffer at the hands of anyone, especially
someone who says they love them. It is time to
put an end to child abuse once and for all.

~ Lady Viperhawk ~ Asst. HeadAngel ~

I want to do a lot more for very special kids because they are
a great help. Very Special Kids is a unique organization
that improves the quality of the life for families who
have a child with a progressive life-threatening illness.
I'm hoping to do a course with them to help support other
grieving parents next year. Visit: http://www.vsk.org.au

~ Angel wheelie ~

My New year's resolution is to Let go of the Anger
I have carried for 16 years of Domestic Abuse from
a ex-husband, And to get myself back in shape.
Is that possible when your about to hit 40?
I want to get more involved in is the Long term effects
Domestic Abuse has on the Children who have to see
and Live the abuse.

~ Angel Jackie ~

I'd like to help know how to raise children
that have been conceived by incest or rape..

~ Lil_Me ~

For this new year I would like to become more involved
in helping support the fight against Childhood Cancer.
These special children are faced with a horrible disease
and are fighting for their lives. I hoping to help more
with the family by providing education and support
during this time of illness.
These children deserve only the very best!!!!!!!!
Visit my Childhood Cancer Awareness page at

~ Angel LeAnne ~

This coming year I would like to become more involved
in finding information on CHD's in infants and children.
(A cause very near and dear to my heart)
I would also like to become more involved in helping
others through rough times. The love and support that
has been shown here is phenomenal!

~ Marchangel ~

My resolution for this year, is to make a bigger
difference with MADD, a cause that's deeply affected my
family. After losing my Aunt to a Drunk Driver and the
life-altering injuries that her children were left with,
there's no cause that I'm more passionate about. I hope
that everyone will help support this cause by making a
pact to not drink and drive. The consequences of losing
your life or that of someone's you love is devastating.
Yet sadly, many people do not notice until they've had
this cause affect them closely. I'd like to see stricter
laws in all states especially for repeat offenders. To
think that someone could intentionally get behind the
wheel drunk again and again is a terrible thought.
My little cousins, now only 4 and 6 yrs. old, one
was left paralyzed from the chest down, never to walk
again, while my other little cousin will never talk again.
His brain damage was too massive, and almost half
his brain was removed at age 2. Their quality of life
will never be the same or what they should have had,
all because someone made the choice to Drink and Drive.

~ HeadAngel AbStine

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